Outspoken Ghanaian lawyer, Maurice Ampaw has described all politicians as very corrupt people who eat and drink corruption including President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

His condemning statement follows Ghana’s lackadaisical approach towards the Former GFA boss involvement in alleged corrupt acts which the world federation of International Football Association (FIFA) placed a life ban on him.

Mr. Nyantakyi according to the FIFA is banned for life in all related football activities

But the decision by FIFA has since sparked debate and controversy among many Ghanaians with most sports analysts saying the government has disgraced the country because it failed to execute justice and rather allowed an international body to do so.

Meanwhile, the Attorney Generals Department has said, FIFA relied on evidence provided by Ghana to arrive at its decision which banned Kwesi Nyatakyi.

However, responding to the matter on Kumasi-based radio station MyNewsGh.com monitored, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw described Ghanaian politicians as people who love corruption adding that they eat and drink it every day.

In fact, the lawyer continued to say there is corruption in the system of Ghanaian Politician saying, “Akufo Addo can’t touch Kwesi Nyantakyi. They are friends” – Maurice Ampaw alleged.

He argued that leaders of the country have become liars because swearing in presidents with Bible and Quran is not a stiff way of making them responsible.

Maurice Ampaw urged Ghanaians “don’t take them a bit serious. They are not serious, all of them are corrupt. In fact, corruption is part of their system it is in their DNA, all of them”, he stressed.

He alleged that politicians only look for money, buy power and share and that’s the system they have created.

“Both the NDC and NPP, all that they do is that immediately they get power, they become mafias searching for money. The fact is that our leaders are not helping because of greediness and the love for money”, he further alleged.

Source: MyNewsGh.com


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