With its pristine beaches, natural beauty, wonderful cuisine and exciting nightlife, it is no wonder many expats consider Ghana a great choice to relocate to.

Listed below are a few things to become familiar with before the big move.

Transportation – a number of options are available for getting around Ghana. Private and shared taxis are both available, but be sure to choose a taxi based on the condition and appearance of the car and driver. A Hurry Car is basically a private car available for hire and is more expensive. Trotro’s are minivans that hold 16 to 24 people and are a great way to get around for those on a tight budget. Other options are buses and ferries, which transport passengers across Volta Lake.

Schools – a number of educational systems are offered in Ghana, from primary through junior high. After junior high, students enter the senior high system, choosing from General Education and Technical, Vocational and Agricultural and Training, or enter into an apprenticeship scheme with some support from the government.
Foreign British and American programmes are also available but are much more expensive.

Language – English is the official language in Ghana, dominating government, education and business affairs. Forty different languages are also spoken across ten regions, with Twi being the more popular language of the south of the country.

Housing – Two major types of housing are available in Ghana, from the traditional house to the modern home. Many traditional houses date back as far as the 10th century and can be found in rural areas. Detached, semi-detached and self-contained homes can be found in gated communities and are popular for families and the working class in Ghana. Apartments and condominiums can be pricey and are mostly marketed to upper-income Ghanaians and expats. Expats tend to drift towards Accra neighbourhoods, which include Osu, Labone, East and West Legon and Abelemkpe.

Weather – Summer is guaranteed year-round with warm, humid weather and temperatures rarely dipping below 15 degrees Celsius. The two seasons consist of rainy and dry, with varying degrees depending on the region you live in.

With an ethnically diverse population of over 20 million, Ghana has much to offer for both the tourist and expat. This list is far too small to list them all, including the food, the nightlife and the beaches. That’s why there’s no better way to explore Ghana than to come and visit!

Source : Adomonline.com


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