A house has been torched and one person is battling for his life following communal clashes between Konkombas and Dagombas Thursday morning at Adiboo and Napkachie in the Yendi municipality, Northern region.

The victim has only been identified as a Konkomba man who was shot by a Dagombas farmer. The state of his condition is said be critical, according to close relatives.

Starr News has been receiving conflicting reports from residents, eye witnesses and traditional leaders at the scene about the cause of the violence.

According to one resident, the disturbance erupted after some Dagomba farmers killed a dozen pigs belonging the Konkombas. The source believed a longstanding land dispute between the tribes triggered the violence.

A source at the Yaa Naa Palace also told Starr News that the Konkomba man was shot by a farmer who was protecting his farmland. The source said the farmer had complained severally about his farm produce being stolen.

“He decided to lay ambush on a tree in his farmland and the konkomba man showed up and he shot him,” the source explained.

The police have confirmed the clashes but said could not yet corroborate the source of information about the incident.

The Yendi Police Commander, Chief Sup. Kofi Ayerinzeng told Starr News that the police and military have been deployed to the area to ensure order in the villages.

“We are yet to investigate to know what actually caused the problem between two of them. So, there was this exchange of fire and unfortunately one of them got injured at the thigh but the military is also going there, the police is there already,” the Commander confirmed.

The commander added that top police officers in the Municipal including the deputy Commander and the Crime Officer among the officers are currently gathering information on the ground.



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