With few days to the Christmas, dealers in secondhand children clothing are complaining of low sales.

A visit to the Makola and Kantamanto markets in the central business district of Accra revealed that the sale of both brand new and secondhand clothing for children is yet to see some boost.

At the Makola market, several shops displayed brand new clothing for children, with prices ranging between GHc30 and GHc170.

The first shop the Citi Business News team visited didn’t have any customer in it.

The shopkeepers were sitting behind their counters hoping someone would walk in and buy.

“My madam brought only one container instead of the three and four she used to bring because sales are not good. She is scared they won’t buy. Sales are not as good as last year and I don’t know whether it’s because there is no money in the system,” Albert Appiah one of the shopkeepers told the Citi Business News team.

The situation was almost the same in the second and third shops we visited, the only difference was that the vendors there, were confident that sales will pick up before the festive season begins.

“Sales are slow but we just entered into December and so I believe it will pick up when get very close to Christmas,” Evelyn Adobea told the team.

“Business is not very good but it is ok, another Vendor said.

The situation was the same at Kantamanto where secondhand children clothing are sold.

The women there complained they hand to maintain their old prices due to low sales although wholesalers have increased their prices.

“Right now the bale is expensive but we can’t increase our prices. They are not buying as much as they were buying last year,” a vendor said.

Another vendor also expressed optimism sales will improve in the coming days.

It is just about 11 days to Christmas and vendors are yet to see a significant improvement in their business to depict a season of buying.

Source :  Ghanaweb


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