Once trusted ally of former President John Dramani  Mahama,  Akwasi Addai  who is affectionately known as Odike has vowedto do everything possible to ensure that the former does not become the President of Ghana again, MyNewsGh.com has filed.

The leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) and businessman said the myriad of problems and visible incompetence ex-President Mahama exhibited during his tenure as president is still fresh on the minds of Ghanaians and he will personally devote his time and resources to thwart any attempt by Mr. Mahama to become the president of the country again.

He remarked that, the ‘incompetent’ Mahama hasn’t changed in his ways as he keeps peddling falsehood and cooking claims just to secure a space on the country’s political scene but he [John Mahama] lacks the moral integrity to criticize leadership and governance as he has proven to be incapable and indecisive which is evident in the extreme financial difficulties he plunged Ghanaians into due to his bad leadership.

“Mr Mahama has proven that he lacks leadership qualities therefore I will do this country a great disservice if I sit aloof and watch for this incompetent Mr. Mahama to become president again. Related Posts

Kwame you remember he went to say in parliament that he has abolished dumsor forever, and within that same week, power outages in the country exploded?

How can we give such a character a second chance? I will expose him. I don’t hate Mr Mahama as a person, but I will do everything possible to prevent him from becoming Ghana’s president again.

What will happen will happen (de3 3b3si b3si) if by chance he emerges victorious in the 2020 elections.” He stated on Kumasi-based Angel Fm in an interview with Kwame Tanko (KT) in an interview MyNewsGh.com

Source: Mynewsgh


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