Alhaji Abdullah Ahmed Abdulla, a former National Treasurer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC)has observed that those crying times are hard, have more than two vehicles parked in their houses yet are always in the media screaming of hard times, has filed.

He observed that hitherto the NDC taking power in 2008, most of them were riding motorbikes but today drive in the comfort of luxurious vehicles yet have the nerves to scream about difficulty in the system for which reason they cannot voluntarily contribute to activities of the party.

 “Those who said times are hard should check their standard of living from 2009 up to 2016 that is where they will know that they are not suffering. Around 2008 some of them were riding motorbikes today those screaming hardships have parked two or three cars in their homes”, he stated.

Alhaji PMC noted that it is through the party some of them have suddenly become rich and therefore underscored the need for them to contribute by way of releasing one of such vehicles to the party if they have it at heart and wish to see it win back power. Related Posts

 “If you have these number of vehicles at your home, what is wrong if you dash one to the party? That is a show that you love the party and not the lip service you engage in. You are complaining times are hard but you still have three vehicles parked in your house”, he observed adding that if members or former appointees desire to see NDC return to power, they must first contribute voluntarily towards a worthy cause either in cash or in kind.

According to him, taxing flagbearer aspirants to finance activities of the party is a recipe for disaster indicating that all those who profess to love the party must pay dues and make other voluntary contributions.

“If you love the party you must pay dues and those who cannot pay we will not force you but when you need a position that may affect you”, he warned.



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