On Friday, 18th January 2019 , on the  X-Jam Show, on Xlive Africa , Tulenkey, one of the artistes whose work is currently being most circulated in the country and beyond , made mention his intention of getting Falz on a remix for his most recent song “Fuck Boiz” ,

This was in response to a statement made by the Host ,Thompson CD Nortey,  that fans all over have been requesting to hear to a remix of that song with Falz , one of Nigerian’s most eccentric rappers. Apparently a  lot of people have confessed that the first name that comes to mind when they hear this song is Falz .

“Falz is good with this kind of music” , Thompson  CD Nortey commented .

About how the original song was made ,Tulenkey revealed that the song was written about two(2) years ago, in 2016, but at that time he felt that it wasn’t good enough. It was until not long ago that whiles working on a mix-tape with his team , a random beat was dropped by his engineer that caught his attention. He decided to try the lyrics of the song he wrote 2 years ago on it , and that is how the song was born .

Being noted in the system for hard rap and hip-pop, he knew this will come as a surprise, both pleasant and unpleasant, to his followers, but then various forms of music seem to accepted by the people in Ghana nowadays so he just went on to record it. He believes that back then one style of music would trend for a long time before there’s a change which would also follow the same path until it’s time also expires, but nowadays there is diversity and everyone listens.

Tulenkey believes that he’s really close to being on the VGMA and even winning an award on there, in the near future . He said the most current practice of Top artistes in the industry featuring the upcoming  provides an opportunity of growth for them, the upcoming artistes.

When Host , Thompson CD Nortey, asked if he thinks the artistes already in the scene consider the upcoming ones as a threat , he confidently replied that they do, and perhaps that’s one of the reasons there is a sudden wave of collaborations between them and the upcoming artistes. ” When they drop , we drop” .

As far as he shared,   Tulenkey is someone who started writing music by the time he was in primary four(4). In primary six(6) he wrote his first song .

Tulenkey began his elementary education at Mount Olivers , continued at Presec Legon , to Ghana Telecom University , then finally Abro media where he studied, sound engineering.

His parents weren’t really supportive with his music before but then when they returned home from abroad and found him still busy with music after his graduation (his parents weren’t in Ghana whiles he was in Ghana Telecom University),  they just let him be .

He said he’d tried soccer, a bit of drawing,  and all, but then, “there’s nothing i do better than music”

When asked about his inspiration , he mentioned Kanye West : Kanye West’s lyric composition skill ,and stage craft .

Tulenkey hopes to one day do collaborations with Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar ; and also Drake, “when I’m feeling emotional” .

“It’s a journey, so when I get there I’ll get there” -this was his answer when the Host Thompson CD Nortey  asked if he ever gave up on music .

Source : Xlive Africa / By Isaac Asare (Psyche)


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