To some people it will seem that because Ghanaian mainstream artistes regularly go on tours abroad and even shoot videos there, they are doing very well internationally.

This view however like all views can be debated, and that is exactly what fast rising upcoming singer and rapper Cypaq did on the X-Jam Show,on Xlive Africa, with Host Thompson C D Nortey.

Cypaq is of the view that most Ghanaian artistes just become big in Ghana and that they do not really go far internationally. They do not really seek to promote their music on a global level, and even when they get the chance to do international collaborations they do not really put in their best.

If Ghanaian artistes will do their best so to get features with globally recognised artistes and also lyrically match up to them on these songs , the new ones will get encouraged to do better.

There is not as much variety in the Ghanaian music industry as there is supposed to be, and this is not encouraging music that is globally geared, he shared.

With regards to what Ghanaians should expect of him this year, he mentioned music videos; lots of music videos. He revealed that he has about 15 songs from last year that he is yet to make visualized and that Ghanaians should expect them soon.

Source : Xlive Africa / Isaac Asare


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