The all time dancer, Jeffery Owusu Addai popularly
known as Jeff Watson on Xshouts at Xlive Africa
on 6th June says dancing is a job on its own and
therefore should be supported fully.

In an interview with Mc Versace, Jeff stated that most
directors do not ask them (the dancers) the amount
of money they would take. This is because directors
believe that as an upcoming dancer all they need is
transportation since they get the exposure.

In his submission,he said, “we sometimes spend 6 to 7
hours on set without food or anything”. He also stated
that a dancer should not dance only for fame but the
money as well.

Jeff Watson’s manageress, Sheddy Ohene Nyako also
said that “you can dance and do other jobs but it is
better to take it as a full time job”. She also said that
directors should take dancers serious because the
dance makes the music videos more attractive.

Jeffrey Owusu Addai who has danced for 10 years said
the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Arts should pay
attention to dancers and also create an association for

Source : Xlive Africa / Serdinam Ayiku and Ruth Nyarko


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