Preacher and former Hiplife Heavy Weight, Lord Kenya has revealed that drugs had a toll on his life and nearly rendered him useless in society.

The musician now turned preacher disclosed in an interview monitored by that since he was an addict, it affected his brain and made him make several mistakes in life.

He said “When I put money there, someone takes it, I don’t also ask, when I send one to go and deposit money in the bank, they can keep the money and I don’t also trace it back just because I was on drugs, I did not know anything”.

He noted that he also did not choose the right friends and that also had a toll on his life expressing regrets over such flimsy mistakes.

Lord Kenya said “I did not choose good friends, some of them were not right, a lot of them became cupboard friends, as in, they love what I was giving to them but they did not love me”.

“Some of them knew my heart, they knew I was that kind of guy who can easily get my chain off and give it out, I can remove my shirt and give it to out, I give you money and all that. Couple of them I thought were my friends were just cupboard friends, there was something they were up for in me.”


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