Celebrities all over the world are influential with their huge fan base who hold on religiously to whatever they say. Hence what a celebrity says about a political party, whether negative or positive can sway the opinions of his followers.

Samini is one of the biggest artists Ghana has ever produced. Reflecting on the kind of impact Ghanaian politicians have had so far on our socio-economic development, and especially on the bases that they buy the conscience of some celebrities who go on campaign for them knowing very well that they deceiving the masses, the Dancehall act blasted them for behaving like ‘Zombies’ who only amass wealth and vamoose.

He wrote;

Politicians has made some of our so called public figures zombies after buying them out .. don’t just chat cus you Dey opposition and can’t get access to Ghana property to try and loot for yourself. Say the fact with no sentiments my guy. Truth is harsh but just ONE. I vex today.

Source : Ghbase.com


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