Ghanaians on social media have descended on Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah with insults over his comment that President Akufo-Addo has in three years had more Cabinet meetings than former president John Mahama.

This is after the honourable minister said in less than three years, Akufo-Addo government has held more cabinet meetings than the Mahama administration did in the entire fours that it was in office.

According to him, the President holds his cabinet meetings to ensure that he is meticulously in the know of all major developments in the respective ministries. He said while the Mahama administration held 48 cabinet meetings in the life of the government, the current one has had 64 already.

But some Ghanaians on social media were displeased about his comments. Many did not spare time to constructively criticize the news item but instead attacked the person of the minister over their disappointment.

“And the end result is what? your head like saucepan”, one comment jabbed.

“But u hv forgotten that each sitting u collect allawa which is tax payers money” another came.

These comments come after government announced plans to check and sanitize social media.

Read the comments:

Sorry to say dis man is a useless man

u r saying dis n at de end of de month u go for over 16000 Ghana cedis Dis man paaaaaa,u think we r not educated.

A good credit for npp and akufo ado

Cabinets of thieves and corruption And what did Ghanaians benefit from that rubbish you call cabinet meeting MUMU they are only using you to do their dirty works boy.

And what came out from your so call useless meetings, kojo l told you, you lost your intergrity from day one , you join npp.

lf Mahama held one cabinet meeting &  it brought us development, roads, hospitals, markets , airport expansion etc ,& akufo addo holds 100 and brought  nothing , these 2 who has been wisdom kojo oppong nkrumah,. Useless minister.

Oppong Nkrumah,hmm u are loosing ur credibility ohhh if u don’t know u must know now

Do we eat cabinet meetings? Propaganda hene Nonsensical.

Is this an achievement, in fact if u have feeble minded people in governance this is what happens U dat man kooorrraaa u r toooo too stupid dan every body in dat cow rooms for Npp peoples kooorrraaa

Was he voted to be holding cabinet meetings?

When incompetency has taken over you and your government. Shame on the descendants of the Bussia Danquah Tradition.

No wonder he’s an information minister wit no gud information fr de people only nkwasiais3m informations nkoaa.

And what has been the outcome so far? Creating, looting and sharing has become npp achievement. So sad!

This is nonsense to the highest degree. What impact has that many cabinet meetings brought to we the people of ghana?



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