Political Scientist, Professor Ransford Gyampo has established that God will help Ghana overcome the COVID-19 pandemic only if the country is willing to do away with all sorts of negative deeds.

He said our prayers are not being answered because the country isn’t willing to put a stop to the unnecessary corruption, intolerance, politics of disrespect, lack of patriotism, disregard for laws, and abuse of power.

Prof Gyampo said cases are still rising despite the several intercessory prayers.

“As a nation, we have prayed enough, both privately and corporately to God, to deliver us from the COVID-19 Pandemic. But the cases are rising. Maybe, we may have to rethink our individual and national character of corruption, intolerance, and politics of disrespect, lack of patriotism, disregard for laws, abuse of power, and our general inclinations that do not make us revere God. I am sure if we re-shape our character, God will intervene

“In Isaiah 65:24, God says, before we pray, He will answer. Why is this so? To my mind, it is always a certain mood, character, and attitude that compels us to pray. Once we get the character and attitude right, God, who knows, the heart, may want to answer us even before we rattle all the tongues

“So, I think we must build our character first because sometimes, that’s all we need to attract our breakthroughs, not prayer. You can pray from heaven to earth. You won’t go anywhere, without character. This is a blunt truth that we must contend with. God is not a magician,” he said.

He added that Ghanaians must go beyond prayers and learn to treat people with respect as the Bible demands.

“Don’t only focus on prayer. Have a character that treats people well, because sometimes, the solutions to our problems are trapped in the mouths of “common” people

“Under the guise of partisan politics, and under the facelessness of Social Media, we insult people who have what it takes to help alter our destinies. We hide behind the arrogance of Social Media to pretend all is well with us when we actually have nothing, and actually need help from others. Without a character of humility, no one can help us,” he stated.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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