Herbert Mensah

The President and Board Chairman of Ghana Rugby, Herbert Mensah is pleading with all Ghanaians to wear nose masks as a protective measure against the spread of COVID-19.

Play your party, stay safe
His appeal was made by means of a video and supported with an animation image of himself wearing a face mask with an inscription “Play Your Party, Stay Safe” messages on it.

Be responsible
According to him, if individuals cannot be responsible, the fight against the virus will be impossible despite government efforts.

“The feeling is not, COVID-19 is not going to hit us or it’s not too serious. But the fact still remains that, how many people do you see wearing masks anymore? How many people do you see involved in best practices? You cannot blame the government for that. We have to look at ourselves.” He opined

Government is doing well, but protect yourself
Mr. Mensah lauded government’s approach in the fight against the virus but added that “It’s up to us, to protect ourselves.”

“The simple dynamics of corona [COVID-19} is that it started in the far East, then they went into immediate lockdown, from there, social distancing. We know that that is the only way we can actually manage the situation. It then went down to Europe, by the time the UK realized, they had over thirty to forty thousand people dead. America thought it was an ordinary flu, today nearly 100,000 people are dead.”

Where next is the epicenter?
“The epicenter for this coronavirus has moved from the far East, Europe, then to America. The question is, where next? Is it Africa? I don’t know. What I do know, amidst all the leading misinformation, all the fear attacks, all the negativity, the only thing that is clear, is best practices, that is the only thing that can curb this [Coronavirus].

“Wearing of facemasks in public, social distancing is a must, keep away from crowded areas and the use of sanitizers and washing of hands. These are proven to curb the situation.” The business mogul said in his 4minutes 8seconds video.

Talk to your families
Herbert Mensah however called on individuals to “talk to our families” to wear the facemask always “and see what is going to happen in the next 30 to 40 days.”

“I pray the epicenter does not move to Africa. God has His own light on Africa. These are things we can pray for and hope for. But the reality is, we must start enforcing best practices at home, among friends, in our federations, in our institutions, at places at work, and in society in general.” he counselled.


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