Veteran journalist and political activist Kwesi Pratt Jnr has said the Electoral Commission has not provided any tangible reasons for the compilation of the new voter’s register.

The Electoral Commission are bent on compiling new voter’s register for the 2020 General Elections despite several backlashes.

The leading opposition party National Democratic Congress (NDC) and some other political parties have kicked against the compilation of the voter’s register due to the risk it poses in this Coronavirus period.

But Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr has challenged the Electoral Commission to provide a tangible reason for the compilation of the voter’s register since they will be spending billions of Ghana Cedis for the exercise.

“We are going to spend billions of cedis’s to compile a voters’ register. And one of the justifications for it is that some beautiful lady somewhere wants to make sure that her card is changed so that her new hairdo will show on the card… And then we are told that: look, someone has lost his voter ID card…In fact, it’s a horrible reason for compiling a new voter register. And many other horrible reasons have been given,” he stated on Pan African TV.


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