Mario Balotelli has opened up a possible return to Africa following the termination of his Brescia contract.

According to the former Manchester City and Liverpool striker he’s making his next move to either South America of Africa due to the consistent racial abuse he has faced.

Mario Balotelli reportedly failed to report to training causing the termination of his contract.

Balotelli, born to Ghanaian parents yet chose to feature for Italy and had represented the Italian national team in several games.

Upon the termination of his contract, the 29-year-old has revealed his next contract will be with a club either in Africa or South America.

“My next move should be out of Europe. I should be off to Africa or South America. At least there I have something in common with people. My skin will be healed from all abuse it has suffered. I won’t go there to play for big money, it’s more about fresh air and mind relaxing. In Europe I have lost passion. Even going to training is a burden. Money aside, happiness forward.”


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