Ghana’s all-time leading topscorer Asamoah Gyan has expressed his readiness to join any South African side when approached.

The 33-year old who is now a free agent after spell with Indian top-flight side NorthEast United believes he is strong enough to play for any South Africa Premier Soccer League side who will approach him with a good offer.

According to the former Sunderland striker, he is not retiring anytime soon because he has a lot to prove again and this time around ready for any South Africa Premier Soccer League side who want him.

“I still feel strong, I still feel young. There is no day I have thought about retiring,” Gyan told Marawa Sports Worldwide on Metro FM.

“Definitely yes if a team from South Africa are interested and feel they need my services why not? We can negotiate and we can have a deal.

“Yes [I don’t come cheap but] it depends on the situation. I am a professional football player and I have to see a lot of things, I have to value a lot of things before making a move. But as I said, I feel strong, I still have fire inside me. Obviously I am not in my 20s but I feel I can prove myself once again.”

Gyan went further to reveal that, he was once approached by a South African club but the deal didn’t materialized.

“Yes [I was approached by a South African team] but it wasn’t concrete. This agent thing like you are here, you are going there, but at the end of the day I don’t see anything concrete,” said Gyan.

“I like working with serious people. When somebody wants to make a move or when somebody wants to approach you, the person has to be serious.

“But I didn’t see any seriousness. It was just talks, talks, talks and I didn’t hear from anybody again. Because it didn’t go through I don’t want to mention the club but obviously yes it was a South African club.

“If it was a done deal that really happened then I would mention the club. It was just talks, talks and I didn’t see any paperwork, I didn’t see anything. That is why I don’t want to mention any clubs.


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