Presiding Bishop of Perez Dome Bishop Charles Agyinasare has taken a swipe at dishonest politicians who come into office to amass wealth for themselves at the expense of the poor.

In his Breakthrough Sermon, the respected man of God said a politician who loves covetousness shortens his life.

”An so, a politician goes into government and suddenly in four years, he has a fleet of cars, a chain of houses,; that is dishonest gain. You want to offer contracts, and already you collected 30% of the contract sum from the contractor, you will push the contractor to do a shoddy job. And you will be proud you have made money but that is dishonest gain.”

To judges, the respected man of God asked them to be honest in the ruling and not take sides since the wrath of God will come upon them.

Bishop Charles Agyinasare in a separate sermon on July 5 said he has never taken sides with any political party nor served as its mouthpiece.

“As a pastor, to the best of my ability, if you check my pronouncements over the years, I’ve never spoken for, nor taken sides with any political party”, Bishop Agyinasare, who is popularly known as the Nations’ Pastor.

“If you have any time when I chose a political party in my sermons, in my public discourse, I’ll like to see it”, he dared.

The founder of Perez Chapel International added: “I have faithfully tried to be a man of God in the discharge of my pastoral duties because my prayer, as a pastor, has always been: ‘God, make my words speak to the conscience of my hearers. Let me be your mouthpiece, not the mouthpiece of any political party’”.


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