The National House of Chiefs has set July 15 as the date for the hearing of the appeal of the aged old Bunkprugu chieftaincy dispute between the Jamong and Jafouk royal families.

The Northern Regional House of Chiefs last year, after more than 16 years of sitting, ruled in favour of the Jamong family, declaring the enskinment of the current chief, Naa Abuba Nasimong null and void, reported.

The Jamong royal family challenged the legitimacy of Alhaji Nasinmong claiming that the Nayiri erred in selecting him as the chief of the area.

Alhaji Nasingmong mother is a son of the Mamprugu overlord’s direct sister.

In a ruling in Tamale on Thursday, August 29, 2019, the Court observed that the chief could not trace his lineage to any of the two known royal gates to be enskinned as a chief of the area.

“From the evidence that came before us only two families have in the past succeeded the Bunkpurugu skin and our ruling is that it is only those two families who are royal families to Bunkpurugu and only they can succeed the skin”, the ruling stated.

The four-member judicial committee chaired by the chief of Kumbungu Traditional Area in Dagbon, Alhaji Naa Iddrisu Abu, in its ruling, essentially, instructed Naa Abuba to return the traditional staff to the enskining authority – the Nayiri, for a new chief to be chosen from the Jamong family.

However, both the Nayiri and the Jafouk family together with defeated Nasingmong rejected the ruling.

Naa Abuba subsequently filed an appeal at the National House of Chief in Kumasi to challenge the ruling.

In a letter inviting the feuding families intercepted by, the House has set July 15 for hearing to commence.

The dispute between the two blood families begun originally some 33 years ago and has claimed over 30 human lives, devastated properties and brought development to standstill.


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