The vice presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Prof Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang has reiterated the need for women to be empowered to unearth any hidden potential so as to bring out their best.

She said if women are given the necessary support and encouragement, they can transform the nation as they are at the forefront of development and contribute significantly to the growth of the country.

Prof Opoku-Agyemang made this remark at a programme dubbed, “Women in conversation with Naana Jane.”

The programme brought together a cross-section of Ghanaian women from different background to dialogue with Prof. Opoku Agyemang to find out the challenges they face in their various fields of work.

Prof. Opoku Agyemang noted that it is as a result of the respect the NDC and John Mahama have for women that is why she has been chosen as running mate.

She was grateful for the gesture and promised that she will do everything in her power to ensure that women voices are heard and also included in the decision-making process when she becomes Vice President.

She said she will ensure that the 30% quota for women proposed by the NDC will come to fruition.

Prof. Opoku-Agyemang was worried that women are not so visible at the top when it comes to governance.

She said, sometimes, for women to accept top positions is even a problem. This, she said, is as a result of the way society sees and treats women in politics.

The NDC running mate said the trend must stop to encourage women to take up leadership positions.

Prof Opoku Agyemang was also concerned about the way politics has become dirty in the country. Adding that there is the need to turn around the face of politics from filthy language and insults.

The programme brought together women leaders in trade, healthcare, farming, business, gender and traditional and religious leadership to promote female representation. During the discussion, the women suggested to Prof how they would want her to tackle problems affecting them when given the nod.

They also promised to support and campaign for her to ensure that she becomes the next Vice President.


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