A research conducted by the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana has predicted 51.7% victory for President Akufo-Addo in the election 2020.

The survey announced by the University also predicted that the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) John Dramani Mahama will accumulate 40.4%.

The University indicated that about 12,000 people were interviewed across 100 constituencies in the 16 regions who are all registered voters.

“The decision to vote in 2020 elections has been made by the voters already,” the report said.

“When asked to unveil their decisions about whether they would vote or not, an overwhelming 81.6% declared that their decision is definite”.

“Only 14% said they would probably vote, 2.2% have not decided and 1.5% declared not to vote at all.”

“For voters, voting in elections is determined by the issues candidates present to them during the campaigns. In this particular election, policies that the future government is likely to implement (35.8%), content of campaign messages candidates put across (23.8%) more than management of the COVID-19 (8.2%) more than corruption (4.0%) would shape their voting decision.”

“It must be pointed out that while voters voting decision revolves around campaign messages and policies of the future government, these are issues that bother on the economy – such as employment and improvement in living standards. Unlike in previous elections when voters were keen on issues about corruption and dumsor, in this election, corruption is not a critical issue that will influence voters’ choices at the polls (See Table 5).”

The report states that these people interviewed had affection for only NPP and NDC not all voters have stayed with the party in all the elections, adding that some a minority have detached from their parties in some of the elections.

Nevertheless, for those who have b and n clued to their parties, a whopping 89.7% are ready to vote for their daring parties.

It stated that there was a dramatic change of minds in the 2016 general elections.


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