Former deputy Chief of Staff, Valerie Sawyerr, has described Martin Amidu’s response to her as “sheer stupidity, and not worthy of a response from a lady like me.”

With Martin Amidu, earlier on Wednesday, describing Valerie Sawyerr’s remarks against himself and former President Mahama as “lying, incoherent, disjointed and drunken-like diatribes”, Valerie Sawyerr on her part has launched her own foul-mouthed tirade against the former Attorney General.

In her response, Valerie Sawyerr stated that “I thought Martin Amidu was one sensible man who had gone astray, and the NDC needed little work to bring him back on board. However, his statement shows clearly that he has lost his mind and needs to be institutionalised in a mental home. He has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that his jealously of my noble self and the glorious John Dramani Mahama is nothing short of lunacy and psychosis. Stupid fool, you can never and will never lead the NDC.”

She did not end there, “the so-called citizen vigilante will not and cannot dampen the cry of the masses for a return of John Mahama in the 2020 polls. No matter what he does, John Mahama will lead the NDC into victory in the 2020 election and consign Rawling’s twin (the choirmaster, President Akufo-Addo) into permanent retirement. When John Mahama comes back in 2021, you, Martin, will see your real level in this country.”

“You described me as a small girl, Martin. Is it because I did not give into your advances? I will give myself to a mad man on the street rather than give myself to you Martin. I would rather die than to be in the same room with you, Martin. You will never get to taste this sweetness. I am glad I did not give in to you,” she added.

Valerie Sawyerr challenged the NDC faithful to “rise and speak the truth unblemished and fearlessly!!! The truth can be told by all – no man or woman is the sole repository of truth!”

“Martin, did I not tell you that your pomposity, over-bloated ego and sense of self-importance constitute your Achilles heel? I am not a soothsayer, neither am I a harbinger of gloom and doom … but once again I say to you … this time with a nation full of witnesses … that your Achilles heel will destroy you! Idiot.”

Credit: Ghana News


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