President and Board Chairman of the Ghana Rugby Football Union, Herbert Mensah has advised Ghanaians to adhere to the Coronavirus preventive measures during the 2020 elections.

Ghana heads to the polls on Monday, December 7, 2020 with about seventeen million registered voters to cast their vote to elect leaders who will steer the affairs of the country for the next four years.

But with Ghana still recording cases of the devastating disease, Herbert Mensah and the Ghana Rugby Football Union have begun campaigning on the need for Ghanaians to practice the Coronavirus preventive measures at the various polling stations.

Speaking in an interview, the former Asante Kotoko chairman stated that the Ghana Rugby Football Union has begun propagating the need for Ghanaians to stay safe on the election day.

“Ghana Rugby is happy to be sponsoring on numerous of courses. With the Covid-19 pandemic still around, we challenged people to keep practicing the best preventive measures. We have spread social distancing, the wearing of masks and the washing of hands”, Mr. Mensah said.

“Ghana Rugby has carried out 300 tests on Coronavirus, some were positive but worked strongly with them to boast their immune system and to get in the right drugs and luckily, they are now negative and Covid-19 free.”

“Throughout the year, we have supported the lockdown challenge and others. We are responsible as sporting organization and on Monday we go to elections, a historical elections and we are supporting again best pratices, we are supporting peace, we are supporting social distancing and people should go out and vote.

Keep a bit of distance between yourself and the person standing in front and after voting go home peacefully, do not try anything that will encourage the spread of Covid-19 or perhaps getting hot tempered and reacting negatively.

Ghana Rugby is happy to be part of this programme to support everybody and to encourage everybody to keep a distance at least two meters”, he added.

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