On the occasion of the 36th National Farmer’s Day, the Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) has joined hands with all Ghanaians to congratulate farmers/fishermen in the celebration of such an important day.

GRFU has expressed its gratitude and warmest concerns to the critical roles that farmers and fishermen played to ensure food security in the country.

Congratulating all farmers across the country, the President and Board Chairman of the Ghana Rugby Football Union, Herbert Mensah on behalf of the federation has wished farmers in the country a happy day.

Mr. Mensah said, “happy Farmer’s Day. December 4 every year comes around at the same time and we respect all farmers and fishermen from the women, men and families that come together the wonderful foodstuffs, crops, livestock to keep us alive. December 4 is a day allocated to celebrate our wonderful farmers and fishermen. We thank our authorities for reminding us to celebrate our farmer every year”, he said.

“We at Ghana Rugby has understood big business and in doing that what keep us healthy is nutrition. We battled covid this year along with everyone and kept our boys healthy by encouraging them to not only the best practices but to eat the kind of food, fruits and proteins from beans and vegetables as well as from livestock and without our farmers, these wouldn’t have been possible. We understand that we have so many things and we don’t have to import , we understand that the crops we get from the variety of vegetables are essential. We understand the proteins we get are of the highest level same as the proteins and the carbohydrates we get from our gari, yam and sweet potatoes is of the highest level . We also know that our bananas are sweet and healthy for us and without all of these we wouldn’t have been able to compete at the highest level”

” In the last four to five years, we have been able to win four international trophies of different sort and the sports that is not known well in Ghana , we know the part that is about is nutrition, we train twice and three times a day and we make sure all our athletes get the vegetables and fruits that constitute and make up what we need. Happy Farmer’s Day, a precious day to recognize and support or famers”, he concluded..


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