Telecommunication giant, MTN on January 16, 2021 rewarded outstanding mobile money agents, merchants and distributors in Takoradi of the Western Region.

Speaking at the event held at the Atlantic Hotel in Takoradi, the General Manager for mobile money limited at MTN, Mr. Eli Hini expressed his delight in rewarding the mobile money agents, merchants and distributor, stating that the company consider them as lifeline to the growth of the mobile money service and MTN Ghana’s business.

He stated that since 2014, MTN has been recognizing the hard works and significant contributions of over 1500 agents and merchants which has given meaning to the digitization and cash-lite agenda.

Though the Coronavirus pandemic made things difficult for not only MTN but other companies, he believes the partners of the company proved to be tougher despite the challenges imposed by the devastating disease.

“In spite of the challenging moments, you still demonstrated your commitment to grow the business by working to exceed the targets set for the year. The significance of your contribution to curb the spread of COVID 19 cannot be overemphasized”

“The fact that people could easily locate you and send or receive money as and when they needed it most especially during the lockdown needs commendation. Due to your service, people handled less cash yet they were still able to transact and manage their businesses. Indeed, going forward, we expect to see a steady growth in the uptake of our business. For this and many other reasons, we are happy to reward agents and merchants in our various business districts”, Mr. Hini said.

On the criteria for the selection, he explained that, “the selection of the award winners was based on volume of transactions, value of transactions and adherence to laid down rules and regulations. After a review and assessment of the performance of both agents and merchants 300 Agents and 250 Merchants met the criteria for the awards nationwide”

” The prizes to be given to them include Cars, Motor Bikes, Phones and Tablets. We will also present special awards to the best performing Distributor of MTN Ghana.Tonight we will recognize those who distinguished themselves in South West Business District of MTN Ghana. A total of 60 Agents, 50 Merchants and 10 Mobile Agents will be presented with their prizes and the award winners are from Central and Western. The grand prize of an SUV 4X4 Toyota Rush will be presented to the ultimate winner. A special award will also be presented to the best performing Distributor for South West Business District”, he added.

While congratulating the agents, Mr. Eli Hini highlighted on some negative behavior observed, where he said that, “While congratulating the award winners, I will like to also highlight one negative behavior observed among some agents during the year; that is cash in fraud where some agents create false/fake cash-in transactions to earn undeserved commissions”

“This behavior is very bad and has the potential to destroy the business we have all worked hard to build. We have duly cautioned the affected agents on the plea of the various National Executives of the various Agents’ Associations.”

He stated emphatically that the company will not hesitate to terminate the contract of any mobile money agents who will persist this kind of behavior from 2021.

The Senior Manager for South West Business District, Mr. Prince Owusu-Nyarko added that MTN is keen on transforming the lives of mobile money agents and merchants who performed outstandingly.

He said that, “Tonight is a night of recognition, enjoyment and awards and Ladies and gentlemen, the night promises to be exciting as we transform the lives of our MoMo Agents and Merchants and give a special recognition to our Distributors.”


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