Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has defended the form of Bruno Fernandes.

The midfielder was quiet in Sunday’s 0-0 draw at Liverpool.

This morning, Solskjaer said: “His form is very good, just voted Player of the Month. Not tired, no, no chance. He is one of the players that runs and covers the ground every single game, good at recharging his batteries, and if he scored his free-kick, if it just had a little air on the ball when Luke put the cross in he’d have been lauded as best player in Premier League again.

“He’s been immense. He’s not tired and if I ask him he’ll say there’s no chance he’s tired. He’s expected to create goals, score goals and sometimes the margins are against him.

“That free-kick, thought that was in, some passes he plays are marginal, on or off, he’s always on the verge of creating something when he loses the ball and that’s what he’s been told to do, I want him to play the passes he sees.”


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